Marion on November 20th, 2013

Recently, Amazon added another promotional perk to its Kindle Select program – Kindle Countdown Deals. Authors and publishers can lower the price of their e-books for a short promotional period, and still retain the 70% royalty rate. Amazon helps “promote” books by listing the specially priced books on a special webpage. Consumers see the “regular” [...]

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Marion on November 18th, 2013

Hi All, My novel, Loisaida is now back at its regular $3.99 Kindle Price. Anyone who wrote in prior to 3:00 am EST (12:00 PST) and sent a screensaver proof of purchase will get the promised rebate. Thanks for playing. I’ll have an update by Wednesday on how this little experiment worked.

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Marion on November 12th, 2013

So the Guardian UK has been doing this serious series on self-publishing, including talking to actual self-published authors and not just to make fun of them. A few weeks ago, they featured an awesome column written by Year Zero founder, award-winning spoken-word artist, publishing superhero, and geriatric-rat rescuer, Dan Holloway.  Today, the series features an interview [...]

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