Marion on June 11, 2015

Here about the one about the Czech “educational” show that sends a family “back in time” to that country’s Nazi occupation? It’s not a joke it’s reality television. How long till America follows suit? Not long at all according to these exclusive leaked emails! From: Leslie Moonves To: Nina Tassler Date: June 7, 2015 Nina […]

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Marion on April 1, 2015

A while back I wrote a blog post about how I think Kindle Select is not such a great idea for authors. I still think that, but I decided to give Schrodinger’s Telephone one more shot in the system. The results are so far zero paid borrows. That’s right 0. I have actually SOLD a […]

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Marion on October 21, 2013

It started, as things often do, with the bathroom. Ours was and still is circa 1957. We had the bright yellow tiles that were the legacy of every apartment in our complex. After years of thinking, “Someday I will renovate,” I realized that day was unlikely to ever come. But I decided I had to […]

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Marion on September 13, 2010

Enjoy folks. Content NSFW:

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Marion on April 22, 2010

Republican cream puff Sue Lowden who’s running against Harry Reid in Nevada has suggested that a simple solution to the health care crisis.  No need for socialized “Obamacare.”  Let’s go back to the “olden days” when you could bring your doctor a chicken or paint his house. She really said this. I’m so thrilled that […]

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