Things That Piss Me Off From The NY Times

I did not get through whatever drool was spewing from the mouth of the Gray Lady who at this point deserves to face the death panels. I merely opened the new Week in Review Lite section when these words from the middle of Thomas Friedman’s column jumped out: “In some cities, teachers’ unions really are […]

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In today’s The New York Times, David Brooks fondly remembers his days as a teenage pothead. While he finds his experience with the devil-weed did not harm him in any way, he is out to seriously harsh Colorado’s mellow, suggesting that legalizing pot was not prudent and certainly not something government should be doing. Dear […]

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Ross Douthat, I get it. You’re kind of like The New York Times’ answer to Ann Coulter — a “conservative” who entertains the less conservative with your idiotic antics. The difference is Coulter’s more like Sarah Silverman or even Andy Kaufman, edgier, willing to go really far into bad taste territory to stay in character. […]

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Last week professional idiot Ross Douthat was ranting about how big gobmint’s forcing people to buy health insurance (eventually no doubt under threat of being sent to the FEMA camps) would be a terrible encroachment on personal liberty, but this week Douthat seems to be in love with the big daddy state, arguing that casinos […]

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The New York Times is not as awful as say The New York Post, but that’s an unfair comparison. The Post stopped printing news a long time ago, and is owned by an evil megalomaniac who is destroying America. To its credit, The Times does still carry old-timey news stories written by actual correspondents in […]

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