Why would anyone who suffers from allergies want to live with a cat? Only because they are the fluffiest bestest coolest little vermin-killers in the world. Because every cute kitty is a lion at heart. Because you don’t need to get a “hybrid” — no cat is truly “tame.” There are more pragmatic reasons. You [...]

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We didn’t know much about Madama Butterfly beyond the basics – it’s about east meets west resulting in a cultural misunderstanding, there’s kick ass aria – Un bel di, and like most operas named for their heroines, the title character dies at the end. There’s a 1930s film version which is not an opera or [...]

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Marion on March 14th, 2014

There have been no recent blog posts because I had the flu and it apparently turned my brain to mush. Next year I will get a flu shot. Even if I don’t get a flu shot, I will not crack wise when the better-half gets a tiny reaction to a flu-shot because KARMA. When I [...]

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