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TV has asked us to identify with a lot of antiheroes—mob bosses, teachers turned drug kingpins, Soviet-era spies who kill sweet old ladies—but embracing genocidal war criminals feels like a bridge too far. Even worse, Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle vilifies the resistance. It’s like they remade Casablanca, but focused on the […]

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Marion on December 13, 2016

Just like a certain, soon to be leader of the free world, Demon Angela acts like a spoiled brat, but really just wants respect — and obedience, and to make people kneel down and kiss her feet, and to bang her daughter. Join me for this week’s recap of The Exorcist, S1 – E9, 162 over […]

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Marion on November 21, 2016

This week on The Exorcist — The Griefbearers:  Father Tomas makes some dumb calls, and Father Marcus goes along, probably because he’s exhausted or bedazzled by Tomas’ good looks, or possibly under the influence of Satan. We say good-bye to at least one, but maybe two supporting players. Casey’s exorcism is completed but it didn’t […]

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Marion on November 16, 2016

This week on The Exorcist, Tomas continues to be useless, while Marcus does the heavy lifting, and Bennett reveals his superpowers. You can read my complete fascinating recap and/or catch up on all my recaps, over at The Agony Booth, which has now merged with Happy Nice Time People to create the snarkiest recapping beast […]

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When a show tells you they aren’t a sequel and then SURPRISE the show is totally a sequel is that a “twist” or is it a cheat? The Exorcist 2016 seems to be dying a slow death over on Fox, and I’m not sure the latest surprise is going to stem the bleeding. You can read […]

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