Death And Dying

Marion on February 21, 2013

(On my my twitter feed this morning, Pankhearst, an uppity collective of independent women writers, twitted about something on the Bitch Magazine blog. How is it that I had never heard of Bitch Magazine before?  In what Nick Cave have I been living? I checked it out and saw a post about home health workers. […]

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Marion on August 18, 2012

“Although few of us want to admit it, once we (or our parents) become old and chronically ill, we (or they) will likely end up in a nursing home with care paid for by Medicaid. — Tom Curry, NBC News national affairs writer The above quote comes from Tom Curry, NBC News national affairs writer […]

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Marion on December 31, 2011

Email to a friend: Hi Susan, Are you in Colorado?  Happy New Year.  Hope the snow is fresh and the crowds are reasonable.   Just wanted to update you on my whacky life.  So last Friday (a week ago), Maizie had a seizure, which I wrote you about. Then the second one the following day which […]

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Marion on October 30, 2011

(Originally posted: 10/30/2011 — See update at end) Just wanted to follow up on the October 1 post, Whose Dog Life Is It Anyway, as I’m still getting occasional responses. I’m writing the follow-up because dogs like humans are now living longer, but as with humans, extended life is not necessarily quality time, and may […]

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Marion on October 1, 2011

Following my mother’s stroke, she sometimes knew she was in a hospital in Albany.  Other times she thought she was in a library in Queens.  However, when asked by the Bollywood-handsome resident whether or not she wanted the feeding tube, she replied quite coherently, “Not if it’s not going to make me better.” She had […]

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