Ezra Pound????? The musical? Was that supposed to be an inside joke between Julia and Tom, and maybe the deadpan delivery got in the way? Or, is this show really being written by idiots who just filled in Ezra Pound having no idea about all the crazy fascist stuff? This is my first post on […]

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Marion on March 20, 2013

I just speed through New Guy’s songs. Is this because I am one of those olds they keep talking about who won’t appreciate them? Or is it that these songs are kind of boring? Also was that the same Gummer-girl on The Good Wife or a different one? And why don’t I like either of […]

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Marion on March 13, 2013

It wasn’t like I actually sat down and watched. I was multi-tasking. Here were just a few terrible moments: Julia’s telling Tom (and the audience) that they are depressed, and this is the Chinese restaurant they go to when depressed, and this is what they order when they are depressed, and here they are again […]

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Marion on March 6, 2013

Caught me. Yes I did hate-watch Smash again, despite what I said last week. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a television show with such an interesting cast sink so quickly. I said most of what I needed to say already, but let me reiterate one point: The writers need to keep track of what […]

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Marion on February 27, 2013

The days of hate-watching are over. First season Smash may have been dumb, but it was, at least occasionally, interesting. It’s not that I don’t hate the new season. I do, but it’s no longer entertaining, and whereas before I could sort of tune-out the stupid, or groan through it until they went into some […]

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