Self-publishing Stigma

So this morning, I read yet another post in Salon written by mid-list author bitching and moaning that self-publishing is hard. Is this part of a series? Had the post itself been funny or otherwise entertaining, it might have worked as an attention getting strategy for the book,  but instead it was long, boring, and […]

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Part I – Nobody wants to read the great novel you wrote: Without going into a whole history of digital self-publishing, let’s just admit the current situation sucks. Sure there are now self-published e-books regularly featured in The New York Times Sunday Book Review combined e-book and paperback top 25 bestsellers. Yes, there was a […]

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Shit your friends say when you tell them you self-published: “Is it real published?” “It’s great to have a hobby!” “You earned what? Do you know how little money that is?” “No, haven’t got around to reading it yet.” “It’s not you. I haven’t read fiction in years” “It’s nice to have dreams, isn’t it?” […]

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Marion on June 19, 2011

The New York Times Magazine has a story, which is only slightly condescending, about Amanda Hocking, the twenty-something self-publishing phenom whose paranormal romance/fantasies have earned her over $2 million.  Ms. Hocking recently signed a seven-figure deal with St. Martin’s Press. While stories like hers should do something to lift the stigma of self-publishing in the […]

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