Publishing Industry

Marion on January 7, 2012

My loyal readers (both of you) know that I keep an eye on the publishing industry, and try to make sense of pronouncements and prognostications, especially as they regard e-books and the future for those of us outliers.  But here’s something that still mystifies me:  Who buys hardcover books? The better-half and I are book […]

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God might not be calling his elect up today, but something truly extraordinary is taking place.  The gray lady herself, the esteemed New York Times, has an essay in the BOOK REVIEW section extolling self-publishing. Neal Pollack who describes himself as “midlist, midcareer” finds that for a writer in his position, “self-publishing seems to make […]

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Marion on May 9, 2010

The title phrase was of course coined by screenwriter William Goldman and refers to the entertainment industry. It is most applicable now to publishing though I thought of calling this blog, There’s Something Happening Here, but then got afraid that ASCAP would come after me. I’m just an interested bystander, and my theories aren’t worth […]

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Marion on November 17, 2009

I hope you didn’t find your way here via a search and are expecting something useful. There are so many blogs and people I should link you to, but if I had to prepare all that, I wouldn’t have time to do the important things like take out the dog and change the cat’s litter […]

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