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Marion on March 14, 2017

We can all agree that Dar Adal has to go, right? And it’s going to be very satisfying when it happens. But who’s going to be the one to take him out? For speculation on these and other great issues of the day, such as how did Peter Quinn learn to hold his breath underwater […]

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Sure, nondescript clothes and a cap. That’s  a GREAT DISGUISE when the Pakistani military has you on a kill list and every major agency in the world is looking for you! Read my full recap over at Happy Nice Time People the site that dyslexics (like me) have a lot of trouble writing down in […]

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Marion on November 24, 2014

You can catch my complete Homeland episode recap today at Happy Nice Time People — your source on the web for all things television. As of this posting, it’s not up yet, so I’m giving you the general link. BTW, I rewatched the scene where Saul gets his face washed twice, and contrary to what […]

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Marion on November 10, 2014

You may now go over to HNTP — home of the bestest recaps on the web — and read my take on this week’s Homeland episode. And oh yeah, I know. I gotta get some new content up on this blog.

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Marion on November 3, 2014

Poor Aayan! At least if you’re stuck on a boat with a CGI-tiger you know who the predator is! You can check out my recap, now with 50% more snark, over at Happy Nice Time People the bestest blog about television since TWP went belly up. Not sure when the recap goes live, but if […]

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