(Warning: While everything I say is speculative, the first two episodes of Season 8 may be discussed, so there are going to be spoilers for those who haven’t seen them yet.) Some things that happened in Episode II – Every Silver Lining: Dexter learns more of his origin story, specifically that Harry came to Dr. […]

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The first episode of the final season of Dexter is upon us, so I say, let’s all state our theories now. A good twist is one that most people won’t see coming, but it doesn’t come out of the blue. When it arrives, the viewer will not scratch his head and go, “Huh?” but lean […]

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Marion on December 20, 2011

Warning: If you still haven’t seen the Dexter Season 6  finale, go hide someplace because spoilers are all over. (Update:  This posts still gets regular visits, especially from outside the US where Dexter Season 7 may not have started. So to clarify for those for whom English is not a first language — this was […]

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Marion on December 5, 2011

What a dismal season it’s been! First, a Fight Club/Sixth Sense motif that anyone who wasn’t high should have seen coming by the third episode. The sudden emergence of Travis as the sole big bad, able to persuade a fanatically religious couple to go forth and mass murder through the powers of the internets, was […]

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