(Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Episode 12, Season 3 of The Americans here and in my complete snarky recap over on HNTP.)

That final scene was in its own way as scary as the reveal pictured on your left from the cult hit series V, which first aired in 1983 and was also a metaphor for something. You can read my complete and detailed recap of that episode and of every season 3 episode over at Happy Nice Time People — the place for those of us who can’t get enough — television, and where you can also find my recaps of Homeland, Better Call Saul and the last few episodes of Mad Men. There’s lots of other fine reading there as well, so have fun.

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Marion on April 17th, 2015

So we idiots went to see Aida, Monday night at the Met. It’s not a revival that’s getting a lot of reviews because the Met revived it earlier in the season then that ended, and then they recently brought it out for a few more performances with a new cast and conductor. The one review of the new cast that I did see, which was written by someone who knows a hell of a lot more about music than I do was meh and not gentle on many of the singers or on the conductor, but we idiots loved it and there must have been a lot of idiots like us in the house that night because there sure was a lot of applause.

Without going into too much detail because I’m trying to get this up by the 12:00 rush tickets deadline, here are some highlights:

This is the Sonja Frisell production, which while not as elaborate as a Zeffirelli production (and seeing the Zeffirelli version is definitely on our bucket lists) is still pretty awesome. Given the “ancient Egyptian” setting, the costumes, murals, etc, one can’t help but mentally reference Edward Said, but that’s part of the fun and so goofily mythical that it’s not offensive (unlike say writing an Arab sheik into a revival of Rigoletto and setting the whole thing in Vegas.) Read the rest of this entry »

Marion on April 13th, 2015

If you haven’t seen it yet, SHE’S BACK — and apparently isn’t going to be killed by a bunch of crazed hippies.

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Marion on April 9th, 2015

Paige has entered that awkward stage where you really want to slap her upside the head if she keeps asking annoying questions. Elizabeth and Philip are being EXTREMELY tolerant to the point of even allowing her into their inner sanctum, but this new “open door” policy has got to feel very, very weird. What else is happening on The Americans as season 3 edges towards a close? Lots and lots! And you can read my entire snarky (but loving) recap over on Happy Nice Time People — the blog for those who may or may not actually watch these shows but love to talk about them. (Then come on back y’hear? And buy a book or something.)

Is this the death of little Jimmy McGill? And the birth of the chimpanzee with a machine gun known as Saul Goodman? Has Jimmy decided to follow Mike’s ungiven (to him) advice and be a good criminal lawyer rather than an unhappy legit attorney who will never feel authentically legit?  Maybe. We won’t know anything for sure about Saul’s road to Perdition (Perdition being a suburb of Omaha) until next season, but for now you can go over to Happy Nice Time People to read my thorough and insightful recap on the season finale.