Marion on October 13th, 2014

Has Homeland become a lot like high school?

Let’s celebrate the 522nd anniversary of the naqba of the Americas by staying in our houses and reading stuff on the internets — like my review of the latest episode of Homeland. You can find it over on Happy Nice Time People, which is like the next best thing to Television Without Pity, now that TWP is no more.

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Marion on October 10th, 2014

Just a  brief shout out. Persephone Magazine is sort of like an artsier Jezebel I think. I’m not sure. It’s for younger women, so I probably don’t get the nuances. Anyways, they are having a birthday! What’s great about that is they’re giving away all sorts of swag — books, mugs, etc, and so I’m just putting this out — get over there, crash their party and get your free stuff because it sure beats taking responsibility for your lives. (Also there was a hidden lessen about homonyms in the previous sentence, and if you find it, you win — my respect.)

And no, they just won’t give the things to everybody! The things cost money, but you can enter a raffle and win them and maybe tell all your friends or something. Here is a small sample of the swag:

A unicorn pin (because the ladies womyns like the unicorns)

A mug that will help you UFYH (Look it up. This is could be the best new life hack eveh.)

A scarf just perfect for fall, which is happening whether you want it to or not.

A sexy, vampire novel for people who love La Traviata. And who doesn’t love La Traviata?

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Sure, I know the name of the opera is Macbeth, but last night it might as well have been Lady Macbeth because Anna Netrebko was the show.

Her voice sounded weightier, smokier, harsher at times but no less beautiful than in those bel canto roles she is famous for. Her body too has changed. She might not fit that red dress in Willy Decker’s production of La Traviata so well, but she was super voluptuous – ogle-worthy.

When she sings her first aria, in a neglige on her bed, it was thrilling not only to listen to the sound of her voice, but also to anticipate a wardrobe malfunction as she writhed and wriggled. I caught no accidental boobage, but don’t ask me for details about the libretto, I never took my Read the rest of this entry »

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I was so upset when I heard the Met had eliminated rush tickets as we knew them that I couldn’t even write about it. This is about my fifth attempt . I’ll try not to get sidetracked by other bone-headed decision decisions made by Peter Gelb and the Met board.

First, a brief history of the rush ticket program. Starting in 2006, the Met offered 50 seats a night for $20, Monday thru Thursday to “senior citizens” through an online lottery. Each winner could buy up to two tickets. I’m assuming that they only picked 25 winners, since most people would buy two tickets. These were no additional service charges or fees. I believe these were all in the rear orchestra although the material I think said orchestra or the next level up. There were an additional 150 seats which anyone could wait on line for. Those were also rear orchestra, full view seats for $20. On weekends there were fewer seats available. The cost was $25 a ticket and there was an online lottery for everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

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Marion on October 7th, 2014

Homeland is back and it’s no place for a baby? So how will they deal with the Brody-spawn? See my recap over at HappyNiceTimePeople – Wonkette’s television addicted younger sister.

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