Less than twenty-four hours till the season two finale of Better Call Saul! Last week the internet exploded when an astute fan with too much time on her hands, unscrambled the first letter of each season two episode title to discover the Tiffany Easter egg within. As we all now know (unless we’ve been unplugged […]

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Marion on April 3, 2016

Shondaland brings us yet another new series – or in this case a mid-season replacement, meaning the network was maybe a little skittish, which turns out they had a right to be. Alice Vaughn is a gorgeous private investigator working for corporations and rich folks. She’s engaged to Mr. Perfect, Christopher Hall, a high finance […]

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Marion on April 1, 2016

So I haven’t posted in forever. Some of this may have been owing to a crisis in confidence, the belief that I have no audience so what’s the point in actually putting words down even virtually? Yeah, I know, shouldn’t I be past all that by now? Something happened, which shook me, the influence of […]

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