Marion on July 31, 2015

There’s been a little confusion. Apparently some people believe that parody reviews, protests and petitions constitute Internet  “mob justice” and/or  “vigilanteism.  First off, protesting outside the office of the coward that shot Cecil is exercising free speech. It’s not “mob justice”. It’s not even the Internet! Second, leaving stuffed animals outside his office is not […]

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Marion on July 31, 2015

Just a quick reminder and link to Happy Nice Time People. It’s the snarky sister site to Wonkette, but instead of politics, it snarks the hell out of television. I’ve been writing for them for a while. Often I crosspost the beginning of my posts here, but I haven’t lately. However, if you want to go […]

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(This is a review for the fantastic musical “cabaret” Songs of the Fallen, which will be in town for one week only, so get yer tickets NOW.) Are you a tourist in New York who’s about to wait on line at TKTS? Are you having doubts about whether standing around for two hours in order […]

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This week’s Wayward Pines begins with a flashforward teaser. Looks like Ethan is about to reckon Kate, but we all know he’d never do that, right? Picking up where we left off, the good news is the truck crashing into the gate didn’t cause a power outage. The bad news is those clever, constantly evolving aberrations […]

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Ingrid’s health takes a turn for the worse. Will Martin make it back in time to save her? Alex makes a bold, but not unexpected decision, so does Annett. What would you do after your fake-girlfriend gets killed in front of you and it’s sort of your fault and you have to bury her? Would […]

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