The never to be repeated five days of Blood Diva totally FREE on Kindle are over. Will this help boost sales of my well-reviewed but not exactly bestselling sexy, campy, vampire masterpiece for high-brow types who like a little smut with their serving of culture and deep philosophical musings? Aside from me, who cares? This […]

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Last week Wayward Pines dumped a truckload of information on us, but somehow it worked. Can they pull off the same hat trick twice? Not really. We open with the town in flames. We know it’s Wayward Pines because the hotel sign tells us so, and we saw the carousel. Pilcher is looking around at […]

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In what may be a covert ad for Sling TV, Consumerist is reporting that most viewers don’t want 500 channels of drek for a mysterious amount of money that seems to get larger every month like they didn’t [strike out: care] think you’d notice. What do the people want? Survey says they’d prefer to pay […]

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When last we left Martin Rauch alias Moritz Stamm, our reluctant cold warrior had completed his “one-time only” mission, and gotten pictures of the plans for deploying mo’ betta nuclear weapons in West Germany aimed at East Germany. Those photos sealed his fate – not that there was ever much doubt. Martin, your country needs […]

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Deutschland 83, the new spy thriller on Sundance, takes up where The Americans left off. Literally. The season three finale of The Americans was named for the date of Ronald Raygun’s infamous “evil empire” speech, and that’s exactly the point at which Deutschland 83 starts—with America’s first Movie-Star-In-Chief trash talking the Soviet Union on television. The second episode […]

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