Marion on June 30, 2015

Looks like your favorite moderately successful ten part mini-series currently on Fox might possibly get a second chance season (or it might not). The bad news is it doesn’t look like any of the award-winning cast is coming back. For more on this life-altering event,  please go to HNTP to see the rest.

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(See the update to this post here.) Gentle Readers: Did you download a freebie of Blood Diva during last week’s freebie extravaganza, or anytime since December 2014? If you did, you may find a few small but significant errors, for which I apologize (profusely and on my knees). You will be able to get the […]

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This isn’t a “news” blog, and there’s nothing I have to say about the three humongous events that happened in the United States on Friday that hasn’t been said better already by others. But I can’t ignore them either, and having just listened to Obama’s Eulogy in Charleston (as it will be recorded in history […]

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VM Gautier on June 28, 2015

19th century Paris’ favorite party-girl is having a birthday party in Manhattan and you’re invited! Songs for the Fallen will have a brief run at the New York Musical Theater Festival. What is it? And why should you absolutely get your tickets today? Here’s the description from the NYMT site: Good girls don’t make history. […]

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Marion on June 28, 2015

I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire episode of The Big Bang Theory. I’ve tried. But I just found it offensive on SO many levels. The dumb blonde. The socially-awkward geniuses.The stereotype Jewish mother from a 100 years ago. Hint show: Real Jewish mother’s come in all shapes, sizes, and philosophies, and Ilana’s mother […]

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