Marion on April 25, 2015

We made it to the first performance this season of Verdi’s Un Ballo In Maschera. It will probably be the last opera we see live till the fall, and what a great way to end our Met year. As those of you who have followed “idiots at the opera” know, the better-half and I are […]

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My much too detailed snarky recap of The Americans S3 – E13 is now live at HNTP. I know you’ve been waiting patiently for many hours to relive the moment and get my take, OR just to read it so you don’t have to watch yourself. Spoiler alert: Were you shocked by Paige’s betrayal? Or did […]

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Marion on April 21, 2015

As those of you (both of you) who follow this blog know, I write books, and despite some good customer, zine, and blog reviews, nobody buys my books. There are now officially a GAZILLION “books” out there. The odds of randomly coming across one of mine are 100,000,000,000,000 to 1 – and that’s science! Also […]

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Marion on April 20, 2015

My full recap is up at HNTP where you will also find many other lovely recaps not written by me. Some stray thoughts. I haven’t read any of the early caps yet, but I’m willing to bet the return of Glen got a lot of attention. Anyone else notice the Greg Brady resemblance? Right down to the […]

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Marion on April 19, 2015

Just a couple more hours to go till one of the last episodes ever of Mad Men. I will be furiously scribbling notes for my recap which will appear tomorrow on HNTP. Last week I made a mistake which an astute commenter caught. I’d thought Megan’s mom was played by Juliette Binoche – a brunette, […]

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