Marion on March 18, 2015

After it turns out the rock upon which Jimmy built his church is made of quicksand, Mike saves the day. You can read my not-so-snarky recap over at HNTP which is the home of snarky recaps. And here’s another NOT snarky thought about the show: Is anyone else really hoping that it doesn’t “end” with […]

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Marion on March 17, 2015

Given my love for La Traviata and all things related to Marie Duplessis, of course I wanted to see Manon at the Met. We made it to the second, of only six performances last Thursday night. My verdict: C’est Magnifique! To those of you still baffled by that first sentence and the connection between the […]

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VM Gautier on March 15, 2015

Back in September, I wrote a review of the film version of,┬áThe Hunger a movie best remembered for a love scene between a vampy Catherine Deneuve, and a fetching Susan Sarandon. Good times! As I said then, the movie, which I first saw years ago, may have influenced the sensual and sensuous vampires I created […]

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Greetings Comrades! What did they get wrong this week on The Americans? While Russia may have been on the right side of history regarding the need to abolish apartheid in South Africa, and there might have been some communist influence in the ANC, mostly the struggle was won because the world evolved, and democratically oriented […]

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Marion on March 11, 2015

Have I completely stopped posting complete posts to this blog? Not by a long shot, I’ve just been posting other places lately, which is good thing. You can catch my participation in an “end of season” discussion of all things Downton over at Persephone Magazine. And do let us know what you think!

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