Marion on November 20, 2014

This is just in, in my inbox that is! So now it looks like the Met Opera has given up on the rush lottery — due to “audience feedback”. Instead they are now going to release rush tix from the website only at noon (most days) on a first come first serve basis on the […]

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For those of us of a certain age, for whom the nanny was a television set, Il Barbiere di Siviglia will always be linked with Bugs Bunny’s infamous Rabbit of Seville – which features its own special brand of buffa set to the tune of Rossini’s overture. As soon as the orchestra began my brain […]

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Marion on November 17, 2014

Well, that was predictable — which is 100% better than terrible. Has Homeland brought itself back from the brink of awfulness? You’ll have to either watch for yourself or read my recap at HappyNiceTimePeople — the blog for people who don’t own a television machine but want to keep up and also for people who […]

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VM Gautier on November 14, 2014

(Thanks to Marion Stein for allowing me the rare honor of a guest post on her blog.) I stalk the web sometimes looking for posts about Marie Duplessis in a desperate attempt to find my book’s “target audience.” Stalking is never a good thing, but at least I’m not going after my critics. My search […]

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Marion on November 10, 2014

You may now go over to HNTP — home of the bestest recaps on the web — and read my take on this week’s Homeland episode. And oh yeah, I know. I gotta get some new content up on this blog.

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