Marion on November 27, 2014

What the hell. It’s Thanksgiving, so here are a couple of recipes. I don’t really follow recipes so I’m not going to tell you how much of each of thing exactly. It’s all to taste. I totally believe in tasting when you are cooking. I realize that if at this late date you are looking […]

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Marion on November 25, 2014

The Met recently changed its rush ticket policy for the SECOND time this season. The important thing to remember is that there are still these FABULOUS day-of-the-performance tickets available for only $25. The change was to get rid of an online lottery for rush tickets. The lottery was introduced in September to replace a physical […]

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Marion on November 24, 2014

You can catch my complete Homeland episode recap today at Happy Nice Time People — your source on the web for all things television. As of this posting, it’s not up yet, so I’m giving you the general link. BTW, I rewatched the scene where Saul gets his face washed twice, and contrary to what […]

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Marion on November 23, 2014

Idiots at the Opera Go to ┬áLady MacBeth of Mtsensk Katerina a big blonde bombshell (sung by Eva-Marie Westbroek, the original Anna Nicole) is bored. Her wealthy merchant husband can’t give her a baby and neglects her for his business. Her father-in-law, Boris, is controlling, rude, and crude. She starts screwing one of the workers, […]

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Marion on November 22, 2014

Here is video evidence that we do this thing: We are working on editing and putting together more footage. It’s amazing how many people ask how I “trained” my cat to do this. Clearly, he trained me.

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