Marion on October 27, 2014

It’s so awkward waking up next to a relative stranger — especially when you basically convinced him he was going to die if he stepped outside your apartment and you were the only person in the world who could keep him safe. Or maybe he’s not really that innocent? Also Saul is totally screwed. See […]

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Marion on October 21, 2014

Like many ordinary people I have a blog. Per google analytics most of the people who come here on any given day come to find out how to get cheap tickets for the Met, and/or to read my take on some opera I’ve seen – even though I am a musical ignoramus. So maybe some […]

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Marion on October 20, 2014

So was Carrie’s behavior on the last episode more or less appalling than when she tried to drown her baby? Read all about it in my recap on Happy Nice Time People, the heir apparent to Television Without Pity.

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Marion on October 18, 2014

We caught Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) Thursday night. It’s a Julie Taymor production, not new to the Met, though the previous version had used the English libretto. I may be one of the few New Yorker’s who has never seen The Lion King. This was my first Taymor experience and it was pretty wow. […]

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Marion on October 17, 2014

I’ve taken down the post I wrote yesterday afternoon regarding my terrible, very bad customer experience at the Met. This has now been resolved. Read on: Briefly, here’s a non-dramatic summary of the initial incident: I won the lottery (Full disclosure, I object to the lottery for a number of reasons and miss the rush […]

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