You know what I know even less about than opera? Russian history and Russian music. So what am I to make of the Met’s new production of Prince Igor? Am I pissed off to have lost harem pants and Arabian fantasies for a coherent libretto and a concept that makes sense? Not at all. Thank […]

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Marion on February 16, 2014

We tend to reduce Tennessee Williams to a soundbite in our brains. That soundbite is most likely to be Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski yelling, “Stella!” or maybe his sister-in-law rattling on about the kindness of strangers. Williams’ arguably second most famous play, The Glass Menagerie is the one with the crazy mother rattling on […]

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We caught the fabulous Renee Fleming singing the title role in Rusalka at the Met on Tuesday – two days out from her Superbowl triumph. The woodland set was gorgeous, and the diaphanous pond brilliant. The cool blue dresses of the title character were perfect as were the hot hues of her princess rival. This […]

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Marion on February 3, 2014

The Season Three finale of Sherlock has been legally shown in the US. Why does Britain torture us by holding it back? (Question: Is it still wrong to stream from dubious sources, even if you are a paying member of PBS? Answer: Probably not wrong, but still illegal.) My episode  recap is up over at […]

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