Marion on January 29, 2014

I didn’t know Pete Seeger personally although he knew so many people that I’m one-degree separated via about a dozen folks I can think of off-hand if you count knowing on a scale from actual neighbors and colleagues in arms, to people active enough in various causes that he knew them and greeted them by […]

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Marion on January 27, 2014

Sure, you’ve probably already gone to some totally illegal site and seen the entire third season by now, but my recaps will still add to your viewing pleasure and are now available over at Happy Nice Time People, your Wonkette’s more beautiful younger sister. Take a look at my take on Season 3 Episode One, […]

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Marion on January 10, 2014

Nine more days to the US Premiere of Sherlock on PBS, which means ten more days till the folks over at HappyNiceTimePeople (Wonkette’s prettier sister) start running my recaps. Meantime, the Brits have now completed two thirds of a three episode third season of Sherlock, while we poor Yanks must suffer or become video-outlaws. There […]

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Marion on January 10, 2014

Last year we did not see the Bartlett Sher production of L’Elisir D’Amore with Anna Netrebko because we are idiots. We decided to rectify that mistake and see the revival also with Netrebko this year and bought tickets for its opening night. I’ve seen Netrebko in the Willy Decker version of La Traviata thanks to […]

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I did not get through whatever drool was spewing from the mouth of the Gray Lady who at this point deserves to face the death panels. I merely opened the new Week in Review Lite section when these words from the middle of Thomas Friedman’s column jumped out: “In some cities, teachers’ unions really are […]

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