Marion on December 31, 2013

We saw Twelfth Night at the Bellasco Theater last night. This is a production of the Globe Theatre which does its best to perform Shakespeare as it was intended to be performed. Costumes are period, as is musical accompaniment. As it’s performed on a Broadway stage rather than an open-roofed circle, some accommodations need to […]

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Was it all that you’d hope for? Or exactly what you expected? Or aren’t you the kind who tells? Or cares? In all these cases, and many more, the Homeland Series Season Finale Recap is now up over at Happy Nice Time People. Let us entertain, you. (If you find Marion’s Homeland Recaps hysterical, or […]

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Marion on December 15, 2013

Tosca has so many Italian stereotypes that if an Italian hadn’t written it, it would be offensive. You’ve got your passionate revolutionary artist type tenor, your jealous diva – the character is supposed to be a famous singer — who wields a lethal letter opener, a duplicitous baron who could be one of Tony Soprano’s […]

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Because there’s not enough real racism in the world, ABC News has gone out looking for reverse racism, which isn’t really even a thing, but the right-wing in America has wet-dreams about it. So in their “What would you do?” show which is all about catching people being terrible, they staged a scenario at barbershop […]

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Is this the end of Nicholas Brody? Maybe, maybe not. You can read my recap over at Happy Nice People Time. And yeah, I know, I said here last week, I’d have a second post over here on my blog, with more thoughts, but I didn’t, but I PROMISE to have something before the final. […]

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