I don’t know if this review is strictly kosher. The better-half and I caught a pair of rush tickets and saw a preview of Waiting for Godot on Thursday, November 21st. The play’s official opening was November 24th. I wasn’t planning on blogging about it, but after reading Ben Brantley’s glowing review in Monday’s New […]

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Marion on November 25, 2013

You can read my recap of Season 3, Episode 9, Homeland — One Last Time  over at Happy Time Nice People, Wonkette’s smarter, snarkier, sluttier little sister. You could do me a great favor and comment. Would be awesome to get a discussion going. Here are some additional thoughts: Heard a very loud shoe drop […]

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Marion on November 23, 2013

Neither of us had heard of Strauss’ fairytale opera, Die Frau Ohne Schatten before, but Opera Teen called it “the most hotly anticipated event of the season” so we figured, can’t go wrong with that. Christine Goerke, as the Dyer’s Wife, is a particular standout in a very strong cast of singers, and as Barak, […]

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Marion on November 22, 2013

Coming home on the 1 train, a robust gray haired woman got on – along with many others – at 66th Street. I offered her my seat, but she said in a native accent as thick as our own, “No thanks I’ve been sitting for three hours.” She looked at my better-half, “Why don’t you […]

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(Spoilers ahead for those not up to date on Homeland. A little harmless speculation as well — with no inside-info.) My Homeland recaps over on HappyNiceTimePeople are Mystery Science Theater. I watch the show while cracking wise, always trying to keep it upbeat and affectionate. But I’m bothered by this whole Mira/Alan thing, and not […]

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