The New York Times is not as awful as say The New York Post, but that’s an unfair comparison. The Post stopped printing news a long time ago, and is owned by an evil megalomaniac who is destroying America. To its credit, The Times does still carry old-timey news stories written by actual correspondents in […]

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Looks like all those plot lines on Homeland are beginning to connect. Check out my recap over at HappyNiceTimePeople, your Wonkette’s prettier little sister.

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Marion on October 27, 2013

Professional idiot Ross Douthat of the New York Times continues to rally against healthcare for people who make less money than he does (or as they are more commonly known the 98%) This week he does the maths and claims that the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA – which I won’t call Obamacare because for better […]

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Marion on October 23, 2013

I’d never read Gogol’s short story The Nose, but watching the William Kentridge production of Shostakovich’s operatic version, it felt somehow both fresh and familiar. Fresh because it’s easy to imagine how young Shostakovich was when he wrote the music, how new the century was, and how daring and exciting it must have been to […]

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Marion on October 22, 2013

Hey fellow fans of Homeland. Yeah, I know, it’s getting tough as the show heads more and more down a road of true lunacy — also Dana. But in case you didn’t catch this week’s episode, or you want to relive it with some yuk-yuks, go check out my recap over at Happy Nice Time […]

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