(Warning — Possible Breaking Bad finale spoiler ahead, with reference to recent episodes!) Did Aaron Paul inadvertently give us the ultimate Breaking Bad finale spoiler? Watch the clip below and see the look in his eyes when he talks about the “explosive” finale. Does this mean that Jesse takes out Todd, the meth lab, and […]

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I’m not normally a big fan of the “accidental detective” school of mystery, but Lexi Revellian makes Remix work. The initially implausible situation — a young woman meets a man and his dog whom she finds camped out on her rooftop terrace and invites them in for breakfast — is somehow made quite believable. The […]

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Marion on September 16, 2013

(Warning, if you haven’t seen Season 5, Episode 14, Ozymandias, read no further. It’s spoilers all the way down.) In drama, as in fiction character is everything. Once you know who your characters are, what happens happens. That’s how tragedy works. The circumstances might change. That’s chemistry – the interaction of the different elements, elements […]

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Marion on September 15, 2013

Yeah, I’m writing my Saturday book review on a Sunday. And yeah I haven’t written a book review in weeks. But A Naked Singularity is a freaking 700 page novel, and not an easy read. I’ve never gotten through Moby Dick, or Ulysses, and must confess that although I have referenced him shamelessly, I’ve got […]

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Marion on September 13, 2013

I’m old enough to remember when people used to talk about Soviet Jewry. Religion, all religions were suppressed in the old Soviet Union. The Soviet Union while fervently anti-zionist, recognized Jews as a nationality – that is they weren’t Russians; Ukrainians, Kazakhs, or anything else no matter where they lived or how they long they […]

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