Marion on September 30, 2013

Hey kids. One of my favorite places to waste time and keep up on current events, Wonkette, now has a little sister, HappyNiceTimePeople, a new place to waste time and keep up on art and culture stuff! This week, they are featuring a recap by moi, of last night’s Homeland. Please go there now so […]

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Marion on September 30, 2013

(If you haven’t seen the Breaking Bad finale, this post contains spoilers.) After the despair of Ozymandias (perhaps the most perfect single hour in television), and based on hints dropped by cast members and Vince Gilligan, I expected the Breaking Bad series finale to be an unambiguous tragedy, including the death of the less guilty, […]

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(Spoilers ahead for anyone who isn’t up-to-date on their Bad episodes.) Trying to outsmart Vince Gilligan and his writers, who may be the smartest writers in the world, is a loser’s game. There are a lot of reasonable theories out there, almost a collective speculative wisdom. Jesse is likely to blow up the lab. Walt is likely to […]

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Marion on September 23, 2013

The Kay Gardella Memorial Blog and posts are starting to develop a following, and soon it will be time for the classy and classical Idiots at the Opera, but do any of you go check out my work? Apparently not. What gives? You do realize if you aren’t at least looking at my books, then […]

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Marion on September 23, 2013

(Warning – spoilers ahead for anyone who isn’t keeping up with BOTH Dexter and Breaking Bad.) While Breaking Bad continued to BRING IT in last night’s penultimate episode, leaving viewers counting the hours until the finale ,and anticipating fireworks that could take out the entire city of Albuquerque and its environs, Dexter ended not with […]

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