Marion on June 5, 2013

So, I will now be watching two “young adult” shows on ABC-Family. Switched at Birth was a guilty pleasure that turned out to be a justifiably great show.  The summer premiere is next week. Yay! The Fosters, is a new family drama, with a too-cute name. It’s the story of a family, two moms, the […]

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Marion on June 3, 2013

Stumbled across an article in Forbes from back in April, referring to a New York Times columnist’s confessing to illegally using someone else’s HBO-Go password to watch the premiere of Game of Thrones. GOT is known as the most pirated show on television. I know piracy is prevalent, but I wonder how much of it […]

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Marion on June 2, 2013

So after writing about Star Trek – Into the Darkness without having actually seen it, I finally went to see it, and boy was I right. Who are these people? You really can’t reboot character. What follows is a rant, which should not read by anyone who has not yet seen Into the Darkness, but […]

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After hearing an interview on NPR with author, James Morrow, I went to a bookstore (Remember those?) to search for a copy of his then new novel, The Philosopher’s Apprentice. I couldn’t remember the title, but when I described the plot – teacher, remote island, mysterious happenings — the clerk thought I was talking about […]

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