If living a lie is killing you, and you make your living by lying, where does that leave you? We started the season with Don reading The Divine Comedy, and it’s felt like a slog through hell. The preacher who gets kicked out of the whorehouse had a point – maybe the worst thing is […]

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Since I’m slogging through A Naked Singularity and won’t be ready to review it for at least another week or three, I’m stuck writing about a book I read previously. So this week, it’s Moses and Monotheism by Sigmund Freud, which I think I last looked at sometime before the birth of a niece who […]

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As far as I know, Julie Kavanagh’s The Girl Who Loved Camellias is the only full-length English language biography of Marie Duplessis, a name that few Americans would recognize. The author herself mentions her need to study French in order to read what other writers had to say about Marie, including several who met her. […]

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Marion on June 13, 2013

Per a recent CNN blog: In response to customer complaints, Whole Foods is enforcing an English only policy during work time on employees, in – of all places – 47% Hispanic New Mexico. Whole Foods is known for being staunchly anti-union, so this is no surprise, but before going all politically correct regarding the language […]

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It’s unlikely you’ve heard of No Earthly Notion by Susan Dodd. It’s a short novel published in 1987. Long ago I happened upon the Penguin, Contemporary American Fiction paperback. If ever there was a publishing brand you could trust, Penguin, Contemporary American Fiction was it. The protagonist, Murana Bill, is left orphaned when her parents […]

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