Marie Duplessis died in 1848, but has been living in our imaginations ever since. Born Alphonsie Rose Plessis, the lovely Marie came to Paris when she was fifteen and soon became the hottest date in town. She was a courtesan, a high-class hooker catering to an exclusive clientele – men with enough money to support […]

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Watching the most recent episode of Modern Family, I laughed out loud, smiled, and by the end found myself on the verge of weepy. None of which was an unusual reaction. So my question is: If this show is so good, why does it always feel like a guilty pleasure? Using humor to undermine sentiment, […]

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In a column that manages to be sensationalistic, disjointed and incoherent, Frank Bruni discovers the shocking information that there seems to be a double-standard for women and men when it comes to sexual activity. He writes about the Amanda Knox case and how her perceived licentiousness led to worldwide fascination and a murder conviction. Not […]

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Although I haven’t read it in years, in honor of the newest movie version, today’s Saturday book review will be F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. If you haven’t read it, must you? YES. If you read it only once a long time ago, should you read it again? Probably. Why not just see the […]

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So this morning, I read yet another post in Salon written by mid-list author bitching and moaning that self-publishing is hard. Is this part of a series? Had the post itself been funny or otherwise entertaining, it might have worked as an attention getting strategy for the book,  but instead it was long, boring, and […]

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