The quality or lack thereof in self-published e-books has been the topic of many a forum thread over at the Amazon sites, and many other places on the web. Customers have complained about lack of editing, and general shoddy quality, including bad formatting. When anyone can “publish” a “book” on Amazon’s free digital publishing platform, […]

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Marion on May 18, 2013

Another week that I didn’t read a book. But I pledged to write a book review every week, so what to do? I could do what I’ve been doing and pick a book I read at some point in the past, but that’s gotten old, so instead I’m going to be completely self-indulgent because it’s […]

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Marion on May 18, 2013

When the American version of The Office first appeared, it was condescending in a Hollywood way, written by people who may have once, briefly, worked in a setting similar to Dunder-Mifflin, but always believed they were destined for better things, and got the hell out as soon as they could. Over time, however, it became […]

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Marion on May 16, 2013

I may be talking out of my butt here because I haven’t seen the latest Star Trek movie, but here’s why I’m having doubts about the whole “reboot” enterprise. (Warning: There is an unavoidable BIG spoiler coming, regarding Into the Darkness. I will give two more warnings.) When I saw, the first Abrams’ version, I […]

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Marion on May 13, 2013

Until last week’s merger was born, Mad Men was shaping up for its dullest season. As Meagan continues to assert her independence, Don turns for comfort to a neighbor’s wife. Don cheating. Who would have ever seen that coming? Now there’s a new hitch, the reality of the merger, proving once again, that Faye had […]

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