(Once again I find myself reading or not reading three different novels, and am forced to review something I read once upon a long time ago.) The line between satire and bad taste may be non-existent, and once the work is no longer topical, in most cases, all that’s left is bad taste. This may […]

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Marion on April 22, 2013

The New York City Opera production of La Perichole was a first for us in several ways: our first trip to City Center, our first New York City Opera Production, our first opera matinee experience, and our first experience with opera buffe. Here is a brief history of the City Opera. You are welcome to […]

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Ezra Pound????? The musical? Was that supposed to be an inside joke between Julia and Tom, and maybe the deadpan delivery got in the way? Or, is this show really being written by idiots who just filled in Ezra Pound having no idea about all the crazy fascist stuff? This is my first post on […]

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Marion on April 20, 2013

Matt Ruff’s novel, The Mirage, certainly owes a debt to Philip K Dick’s classic The Man in the High Castle, then again who doesn’t owe a debt to Dick? Rather than trying to recount the plot myself, here’s this from the Amazon book blurb: 1/9/2001: Christian fundamentalists hijack four jetliners. They fly two into the […]

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Marion on April 18, 2013

For whatever reasons, this blog tends to get around 50% of its “hits” from outside the US. A large number of these are within the UK, so I sometimes feel obliged to “explain” the US to others, especially when it looks to the world like we must be a nation of idiots or lunatics. Two […]

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