Marion on March 20, 2013

I just speed through New Guy’s songs. Is this because I am one of those olds they keep talking about who won’t appreciate them? Or is it that these songs are kind of boring? Also was that the same Gummer-girl on The Good Wife or a different one? And why don’t I like either of […]

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Marion on March 19, 2013

We hadn’t planned on seeing Willy Decker’s production of La Traviata again. We saw it eleven months ago with Natalie Dessay, Marcello Giordani, and Dmitri Hovorosky. It was our first time at the Met, our first opera, and it turned us into fans, so going back to see the same production with a different cast […]

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Wool – Part I I hadn’t heard of Wool till a week ago, when I saw it mentioned on an Internet forum about “great” self-published books. As the great Dan Holloway was doing the mentioning, I googled it, and found articles on Slate and WSJ about this best-selling phenomenon. The initial story is FREE. That’s […]

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Marion on March 15, 2013

Apologies for this being the 3rd television review in a week, but we haven’t gone to the opera or a movie lately, and the news is just too depressing. What else could I write about? How we are now sending people to jail for life for pre-crime? This depressing tale of post-partum psychosis? The budget […]

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Marion on March 13, 2013

It wasn’t like I actually sat down and watched. I was multi-tasking. Here were just a few terrible moments: Julia’s telling Tom (and the audience) that they are depressed, and this is the Chinese restaurant they go to when depressed, and this is what they order when they are depressed, and here they are again […]

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