Marion on December 22, 2012

My new novella, Schrodinger’s Telephone is now available on Amazon.  I’m offering to give away 20 copies. What I’m looking for in return are honest reviews on Amazon (copies to Goodreads if you’re a member would be nice as well, as would reviews on blogs and other places).  Here’s where it gets interesting. These 20 […]

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Marion on December 17, 2012

When I was a foot soldier in the ground game, I saw something interesting — lots of ordinary people enthusiastic about voting who understood where their self-interest was. Granted, I was mostly talking to dems, in Reading PA and most of them were either black, brown, poor, old, women, or some combination thereof.  These are […]

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(Warning: SPOILERS ahead for the episode broadcast on 12/09/12 and speculation about what comes next) On the surface, it looks like The Mother***er with the Turban was Homeland‘s` descent into telenovela territory. There was that long scene  where Brody and the Missus honestly discuss their future and how it won’t be together, followed by Brody’s […]

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Marion on December 5, 2012

One of my writer friends recently asked  if anyone wanted to participate in a “next big thing” blog series where writers discuss works in progress. I’m not ready to discuss my next big thing. The big thing I’ve been working on, I haven’t been working on enough and I can’t give a date.  However, my […]

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