Marion on August 31, 2012

I may have accidentally taken a hallucinogen last night. I was watching what I thought was a really long infomercial for some kind of Amway/get rich quick/pyramid scheme and then I saw Clint Eastwood come out to shill, only instead of giving his “It made me rich” testimonial, he started yelling at an empty chair.

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Marion on August 31, 2012

Glancing across the platform I spotted myself sitting on a bench thirty years ago waiting for a downtown train, fleeing some boy because because I realized I wasn’t who he thought I was, or maybe I was, but he was no longer interested. Present me wanted to shout, “Get on with things. Stop fucking around. […]

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Republican spokes-curmudgeon John Sununu does it again.  What a feisty old crock.  His M.O. seems to be to bait the reporters by questioning their allegiances and implying they’re in the tank for Obama when they ask him other than fawning questions.  This doesn’t completely work.  That is, the rules of Fox News don’t universally apply […]

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Marion on August 18, 2012

“Although few of us want to admit it, once we (or our parents) become old and chronically ill, we (or they) will likely end up in a nursing home with care paid for by Medicaid. — Tom Curry, NBC News national affairs writer The above quote comes from Tom Curry, NBC News national affairs writer […]

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Today’s guest blog post has been submitted by a “friend” writing under the nom de plume, Mr. Richie Moneybags Rich: Once upon a time, back in the 1920’s, there was a lot of new stuff, telephones, movies. A small group of people Everyone was getting cars.  Good times.  Then the stock-market crashed.  Party over for […]

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