Marion on May 25, 2011

Woe onto us.  The earth was not destroyed, and despite some backtracking on the part of Mr. Camping, judgment does not appear to be upon us. Yet, verily I say unto you that the entrepreneurial spirit is upon me and I am CALLED to start a new Church.  This will be called the Church of […]

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Marion on May 23, 2011

Hi all, Except for the ever present banner ad above, I don’t do much promo of my books on this blog.   However, I am taking the opportunity to thank those that have kindly reviewed Loisaida recently.  It’s especially gratifying that people who I “met” only through the work are now virtual friends.  Today, I just […]

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God might not be calling his elect up today, but something truly extraordinary is taking place.  The gray lady herself, the esteemed New York Times, has an essay in the BOOK REVIEW section extolling self-publishing. Neal Pollack who describes himself as “midlist, midcareer” finds that for a writer in his position, “self-publishing seems to make […]

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Marion on May 19, 2011

Honestly, some people would say that as a “political wife” Maria Shriver, even if she didn’t know the details of her husband’s fathering a child with the help, still knew  she was married to an out of control narcissist with a woman problem. Still, it wasn’t just about blind ambition.  She’s not a bad person.  […]

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If you can’t figure out what “bftj” refers to, just skip this post. I’m in a mood.  The brilliant playwright, and proud member of the tribe, Tony Kushner  has been denied an award that was to be bestowed by John Jay College of the City University of New York. Rather than try to retell the […]

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