Marion on August 19, 2010

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You all do realize that Rick Scott, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani are all sleeper agents working on the orders of Al Queda as part of a plot to stir up incidents against Muslims in the US leading to both internal dissent and external condemnation, right?  By using highly placed Al Queda “assets” […]

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Apparently people all over the country are upset about some pro forma decision made by a local community board in my town not to give landmark status to an old coat factory and to instead permit a religious organization to build a Y type community center. You wouldn’t think this would have a big effect […]

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Marion on August 10, 2010

It was back in the 1980’s. I’m not sure of the year, and if I were, I wouldn’t tell you because it would make me sound ancient, but it was sometime before we all had PC’s, before even the big boxy cell phones. In those days there were still companies like Wang that made one-function […]

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My better half sent an oldie but goody around. It’s a piece from The Onion from 2007 referencing the ethnic and religious diversity of Queens (the borough of dreams),  relevant today, especially given Mayor Bloomberg’s recent eloquent speech in which he gave a shout out to the  Flushing Remonstrance in his explanation of why New […]

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