Marion on May 30, 2010

(This post from May 2010 is being reposted to the front page in honor of Mittens Romney’s most recent outrage against America gaffe.  As you can see, the first couple of paragraphs explain how my family’s good fortune came about as a direct result of government programs hand-outs which helped them to get stuff like […]

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(Hugo to Ben Linus in the series finale:  “You were a great Number 2.”  Ben’s reply:  “And you were a great number 1, Hugo”) Hurley’s Island Billionaire Lottery winner, Hugo “Hurley” Reyes owns a very exclusive resort on a mysterious island that’s more than a little “out of the way.” Each week, pilot Frank “Chesty” […]

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The following is a speculative theory about the finale. Everything is based on what we’ve already seen in Season Six, so if you are one of those few who haven’t been watching Season Six and don’t want it spoiled or you don’t like speculation, don’t read this. What viewers have been calling “the altverse,” “alternative […]

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Marion on May 12, 2010

It’s the middle of the day. You are coming from one work meeting and on your way to another. You go down the subway stairs. A train is pulling in as you swipe your Metro-card. It’s not packed, but there are people. You take a seat in a row of four seats to the left […]

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Marion on May 9, 2010

The title phrase was of course coined by screenwriter William Goldman and refers to the entertainment industry. It is most applicable now to publishing though I thought of calling this blog, There’s Something Happening Here, but then got afraid that ASCAP would come after me. I’m just an interested bystander, and my theories aren’t worth […]

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