Marion on March 24, 2010

Lost is the junk food or dirty weekend of TV. I enjoy it immensely while I’m watching, but feel let down and a bit guilty later. It’s entertaining, but there’s always something missing like uh logic and consistency. I’m still trying to get my mind around the way the island moved in time, but not […]

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A major television event occurred last night on Ugly Betty. Two teenage boys sharing their first sweet kiss! Too bad America stopped watching the show years ago. Then again, if people were watching, they wouldn’t have done it. Ugly Betty began on a high note. An American remake of the groundbreaking, and oft-copied, Columbian telenovela, […]

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Last September my better half and I were visiting Seattle. We were staying at a friendly B&B on Capital Hill where breakfast was served at a big table and all the guests could chat. One morning there was a couple across from us. She was from Sydney. He was a hometown boy, Seattle born and […]

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Marion on March 11, 2010

On a social networking site that I still to my detriment visit, a friend posed a question on a thread: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? Here are two: I. I went to an alternative public high school. The school was located in an old rectory next to a church. We didn’t […]

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8:35:  Enjoyed the cheezy opening number with Neil Patrick Harris. It was retro and funny while being awkward and amateurish.  It reminded me of why I used to like the movies. 8:41:  Martin and Baldwin. Now it’s just non sequitiers and in-jokes.  Par for the course. But Steve and Alec seem to be having fun. […]

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