Marion on June 7, 2009

Jack’s car was not exactly pampered, having a maintenance schedule that consisted of an oil change prior to inspection every August. Most of the time, the 1990 Taurus remained in the heated garage below and in back of the tidy two-family house in Queens — its only companion the Volvo kept lovingly by the garage […]

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Marion on June 3, 2009

So almost a year ago, I’m listening to the WBAI – my local Pacifica station or as the better-half refers to it – Commie Radio. It’s The Next Hour, a Sunday arts show, and there are these two men talking about their theater piece which is called Two Men Talking . These two men who […]

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Marion on June 2, 2009

So one of those blond conservative wingnuts with long tresses (not the crack whore with the big Adam’s apple, but a younger wannabe), wrote a column basically saying, “Oh my god, Jennifer Lopez and Sonia Sotomayor are both from the Bronx. Oh my god! And they’re both like uhm women! And uhm they are both […]

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