Marion on September 26, 2016

20151031_151449When I got on the elevator with my big bag of laundry, a neighbor from some floors above was already in the car. I don’t know her name. I probably should, but I don’t.

I live in what is known as a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC). There are many young families here, singletons and couple of all ages, but a lot of the original settlers (circa 1957) or those that came shortly after, never left. My neighbor might have been one of those originals. She had short white hair, a bend in her back. She leaned heavily on her cane, and her eyes while rheumy, were still bright and alert.  She was quick enough to realize I was going down to the basement, and announced she would move to the side. We have a certain elevator etiquette throughout the six buildings in the complex in which I live. We chat on elevators — or at least acknowledge each other. So we were talking about the weather of course. How fall is here, those crisp lovely days, blah blah blah.  I didn’t confess that I hadn’t even been outside today.

She got off at the lobby. I went down to the laundry room. A couple of minutes later, I’m on the elevator again, and it stops at the lobby. She gets back on acknowledging the coincidence. I figured she had probably gone to check on her mail or run into the office for something. I told her I had thought she’d gone out to enjoy the day and asked if she had plans to get back out in the great weather we had just been discussing. She said she had to get ready for something. “I’m going to Kennedy,” she said slyly as though sharing a secret.

“Someplace nice, I hope,” I said.


“Really? That sounds great.”

“It’s a beautiful city. I’m not sure I want to go. I have friends going. It’ll be good to see them. I’m mostly going to see them,” she said. She didn’t sound totally convinced. She didn’t sound miserable about it either.

She went on. “It’s a conference. They asked me to speak,” she shrugged as if to say this was as per usual in her life. “It’ll be fun to see my friends.”

I didn’t ask for details. I took her in again, reassessing her. “That’s great, to be asked to speak. It’s a beautiful city and you’ll see your friends. It’s not a vacation, but it sounds like fun.”

It was my floor. “I’ll try to remember that,” she said as I got out.

I knew she would.

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When last seen in the Season 5 Homeland finale, Peter Quinn was totally brain dead in pretty bad shape after inhaling all that saran gas, and then being forced to WAKE UP by Carrie – because nobody can say no to her. He then suffered a massive stroke, and wound up in a persistent vegetative state. Carrie was about to put him out of his misery when suddenly the room filled with a bright light, which wasn’t a train coming toward her, a thing that happened earlier in the same episode. (The technical term for this is “foreshadowing with a lead balloon.”) Viewers debated what that light was all about. Did it mean Carrie’s prayers were answered and vegetable-Quinn was about to rise? Would he be a zombie? Would he now have superpowers because that’s what happens in comics when you survive something like that, and Homeland is about as realistic as anything in the Marvelverse?

Too cute to die.

Too cute to die.

We won’t know for sure till January when Season 6 begins, but we do know that Quinn will be a central character and not simply an occasional guest hallucination when Carrie is either off her meds like those other guys she has lead to their doom. However, Rupert Friend, the actor what plays him is not quite as indestructible as the demigod he portrays. Friend suffered an on set injury which delayed filming the first two episodes, which were being directed by veteran Homeland director Keith Gordon. (The premiere is still set for January.)

And here’s something I bet you didn’t know: Keith Gordon’s dad, Mark Gordon, played Chuckles the Clown on The Mary Tyler Moore show before they killed him off in that hilarious and very special classic  episode. Also Keith Gordon was a leading man for five minutes when he starred in Brian De Palma’s Dressed to Kill featuring Angie Dickinson, as his very sexy mom, and Michael Caine as the world’s creepiest psychiatrist before Hannibal Lector.

Got Milf?

Got Milf?

Even back then what Gordon (the younger) really wanted to do, apparently, was direct – and he did! (Your humble recapper knows this not because she read it in the Wikipedia, but because a hundred years ago she met him and his father at a Directors Guild screening of a re-release of Zardoz. It’s funny because it was Zardoz – an epically terrible movie, that like Peter Quinn just can’t be killed.

And somehow Sean Connery was taken seriously even after this.

And somehow Sean Connery was taken seriously even after this.

But wait! There’s even more news about Season 6: In the Homelandverse, Hillary gets elected President! Well, not Hillary exactly, but a lady, and not Trump, so we know it doesn’t take place in a post-apocalyptic Zardoz like future being run by an enormous rock head. The President will be played by Elizabeth Marvel, who also portrays Heather Dunbar on House of Cards. Heather, as you may remember, was running for president until she got owned by the Clintons Underwoods. Does this mean Homeland will take place in alternate House of Cards future, thus becoming the wackiest (and most awesome) crossover ever? Probably not, but we thought it would make a good headline.

Source: Deadline 

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Marion on July 24, 2016

Just a brief, belated shout-out to our rescue tabby, Walter. Last week he was Cat of the Day, and you can read all about him at the link. The story also led to more hits on this video of Walter and I going out for a walk:

I keep saying one day I will write a blog post, or a book about walking him on a leash, not about teaching him, since you can’t “teach” a cat anything, but about what I’ve learned from walking with him.

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Marion on July 24, 2016

pot picSo I’m reading  The New York Times — because that’s the kind of elitist New York Jewy-Jew “cosmopolitan” that I am.There’s an article about Arizona ranchers whose land is regularly used as a border crossing by both immigrants and drug cartels. By “drugs” they mean marijuana by the way. The ranchers think the wall idea is stupid, but they’d like intensive patrols. The issue for them is that immigrants wind up dying on their land, and drug cartels are scary and murderous. They don’t seem to believe, contrary to what we granola crunching Kumbayah types might suspect they believe based on watching the RNC,  that Mexico is sending over its rapists and murderers.  They just don’t like people trespassing on their way to a better life plus littering and/or dying of thirst or starvation, but their big beef is with the cartels — who have actually murdered and kidnapped people on their property. Despite thinking that Trump’s wall is “silly”, they also hate Hillary on account of she’s going to take their guns away and/or is in league with Satan, and will surely just open up the borders for everyone because commies don’t respect private property rights as proven by the War of Northern Agression. Actually, the article isn’t that clear on exactly what their issue is with Hillary, but they do quote a rancher as saying  if she wins he’s moving to Australia — which he might want to do a little research on first seeing as how they took away their citizens’ guns years ago. Then again, Australia is an island continent so people can’t get there by cutting through your fence.

Anyway, since the Democratic platform is NOT proposing taking away everyone’s guns (despite the right wing press having quite a good time quoting that one lady on the platform committee saying she thinks that’s a swell idea) or opening up the border for all,  it does seem that the dems are missing an opportunity. They could actually address the concerns of the ranchers and take them seriously — which would be a big deal to these guys since they don’t feel anyone has listened to them. But they go further and cut into the appeal of libertarians like Gary Johnson, and help not just those ranchers, but small farmers and would be entrepreneurs in these United States by  proposing legalizing marijuana,  with an emphasis on promoting (with policy) homegrown by small farmers in the US of A. Oh wait a second, the DEMS are already supporting legalization!  Well, they  need to go further, and link it to the border security and economic enhancement issue, and maybe, you know, tell people about it.

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Marion on July 14, 2016

belchschmerz (noun) /belCH SHmerts/ — A particularly  annoying symptom of gastric reflux, wherein one continually emits gas from the stomach through the mouth, while experiencing a sense of unwellness and slight but persistent feelings of nausea (which may or may not be existential in origin). Belchschmerz can be brought on by food or as a result of stress and angst.


I’m cancelling our lunch due to a flare up of belchschmerz.

I can’t read anymore news about the US elections. It’s giving me belchschmerz.

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