Marion on June 30th, 2015

Looks like your favorite moderately successful ten part mini-series currently on Fox might possibly get a second chance season (or it might not). The bad news is it doesn’t look like any of the award-winning cast is coming back. For more on this life-altering event,  please go to HNTP to see the rest.

Gentle Readers:

Did you download a freebie of Blood Diva during last week’s freebie extravaganza, or anytime since December 2014? If you did, you may find a few small but significant errors, for which I apologize (profusely and on my knees). You will be able to get the corrected version free from your “manage my content and devices” page (but you should probably wait till Wednesday, July 1st for the changes to go live You will be able to get the updated version soon. Apparently this is a process that involves my pleading with Amazon.

How did this horrific thing happen?

Blood Diva had been on Net Galley prior to publication. Shortly after publication, I heard from three separate readers that I had some small but important errors in information and/or spelling/translation related to opera.. I alerted my formatter, who fixed them.

(Why do I use a formatter? Can’t anyone upload to Kindle? I use a formatter because he can do it better than I can, especially because I have an old Mac, and a buggy version of Word. I do it because I want my work to look and be professional.)

Then in December, a reader made me aware of a few small typos. I alerted my formatter again. He fixed the typos. I proofed his work and saw the typos were fixed. All was right with the world! Except (cue the music from Germont’s first entrance in La Traviata) it wasn’t!)

The 5-day free extravaganza of last week went really well, (Thanks for asking!) BUT THEN A participant contacted me yesterday about some errors she found. Guess what? Those were the errors that had been fixed in September! I died a little inside.

Once I got back to solid form, I backtracked and realized what happened. The formatter had completed the December corrections I’d asked for, BUT  on an older version of the file that did not have those really important September corrections about which I had been alerted by several readers! Those corrections were lost.

This issue is only on the Kindle for-sale copy, not the paperback  nor the special mobi-review copy. That means that some of the reviewers read the correct version, and may have recommended a work they thought was in better shape than it was. Extra apologies to those reviewers!

As soon as I figured out the problem, I sent a note to the formatter. He immediately made the corrections. The update is currently “in review” and should be live soon.

A lot of readers won’t notice these errors, but the ones drawn to the book BECAUSE of the history and especially the opera connection, might. So I am begging your forgiveness.

Lesson learned. While the mistake was the formatter’s, I am responsible. The errors should have been found and corrected before the book was every published in any form. (My proofreader knows less about music and opera than I do, which hardly seems possible). I also should have checked the entire work back in December before re-uploading BECAUSE mistakes like this are likely to happen when dealing with multiple versions and multiple files.

I have contacted Amazon and asked them to “alert” readers that there is an updated version. It seems like something they only do when the errors are a really big deal for most readers. What’s a really big deal to you or me, may not be to them. It’s more likely they’ll simply decide to allow you to upload the updates through manage my contents and devices. If they aren’t doing that, I’d advise you to contact them and ask them nicely.

Thank you for not murderizing me.

Best regards,
VM Gautier

This isn’t a “news” blog, and there’s nothing I have to say about the three humongous events that happened in the United States on Friday that hasn’t been said better already by others. But I can’t ignore them either, and having just listened to Obama’s Eulogy in Charleston (as it will be recorded in history books) I have to at least write something, another one of my imaginary letters trying to explain America to the rest of the world.

There’s a part of me so cynical, I couldn’t help seeing the irony that Ted Olson, the lawyer who helped win Gore v Bush, was the man who helped win marriage for millions. Months after his wife went down in a plane on 911, when the August 6th “Bin Laden determined to strike in the US” memo was leaked, did he think, “This is what I have wrought.” Was taking on the cause of marriage a penance? Read the rest of this entry »

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VM Gautier on June 28th, 2015

19th century Paris’ favorite party-girl is having a birthday party in Manhattan and you’re invited!

Songs for the Fallen will have a brief run at the New York Musical Theater Festival. What is it? And why should you absolutely get your tickets today? Here’s the description from the NYMT site:

Good girls don’t make history.

Paris, 1847. SONGS FOR THE FALLEN takes you through the extraordinary life of Marie Duplessis – courtesan, party girl, liar, and legend – from desperate poverty to her meteoric rise as the most notorious woman in France. Part vaudeville, part cabaret, part MTV-goes-Baroque, it is the wild and hilarious tale of a woman who knew one thing: good girls don’t make history. The unbelievable tale that inspired The Lady of the CamelliasLa traviata, and Moulin Rouge!, SONGS FOR THE FALLEN is an invitation to the decadent final party of the real-life woman.

Here’s a trailer:

(Dates and ticket prices from trailer NOT for NY production)

Ok, so in their version, Marie isn’t a vampire (like she is in Blood Diva), but she’s still a thoroughly post-modern superstar. If you’re obsessed with Ms Duplessis, and who isn’t? Then this is the show for you, so click a link and get your tickets. They’re under $30, and there are only five performances, so act now.

And if you’re with the show, and would like a free signed copy of Blood Diva, it can totally happen. Honest, I’m your advance person in New York, just ask me to do anything (no comps needed). Woo-hoo! And welcome to the Big Apple!

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Marion on June 28th, 2015

I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire episode of The Big Bang Theory. I’ve tried. But I just found it offensive on SO many levels. The dumb blonde. The socially-awkward geniuses.The stereotype Jewish mother from a 100 years ago. Hint show: Real Jewish mother’s come in all shapes, sizes, and philosophies, and Ilana’s mother on Broad City is probably closer to the mark. However, Jim Parsons is an appealing performer, and I kind of regret NOT seeing him on Broadway when he was in Harvey although old-timey workhorse shows like that, no matter how well cast and directed, have no ability to surprise us once the movie version is ingrained in our head.

SOO when neither my sister nor I scored lottery tickets for On The Town (which wouldn’t have surprised us either, but would have done so musically) I went to TKTS and scored cheap seats (if you think $65 a pop is cheap) to Act of God. Act of God is not to be confused with the similarly titled Hand of God, which does not star Jim Parsons and is probably all together a nastier and more cynical show, Read the rest of this entry »

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