Marion on March 1st, 2015

So does this mean that Anna and Bates are free? Or will they never be free? And when we next pick up, what year will be and will Mary and Edith still be living at Downton? Sure the house is big, but is it ever going to be big enough for both of them? Also we were teased by something this entire season with Hughes, and I’m still not convinced we’ve got the whole story. And will Tom every actually just go already OR shut up about it?

I’m kind of hoping there’s an alternative explanation for Miss Clark and her boy. Like maybe Lord Sinderby has a terrible brother whose the real babydaddy but won’t take any responsibility, so he helps out. And she named him Daniel for her brother that died in the war because otherwise it looks like he’s a hypocrite, and it undercuts the whole importance of marrying within the faith, as well as Rose’s belief that setting up that little photo shoot wasn’t his style. We have no idea what his style is.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they jumped ahead to 1929 just in time for Robert to lose the family fortune again?

Meantime, if you want to relive Sunday’s Christmas episode (shown in the US in March!) with jokes, my recap should be up over at HappyNiceTimePeople sometime on Monday. And if you need something to do between then and now, might I suggest looking at one of these books or this one?


Marion on February 26th, 2015

What revisionist bullhockey will The Americans try to shove up our butts this week? (And yes, I’m using bullhockey because I would like  recaps of The Americans to be a thing on The Rachel Maddow Show, kind of like the way Keith Olbermann used to read Thurber stories on Friday only more better.) The answer is: The Boland Amendment! That’s right for those of you old enough to remember who weren’t too stoned to care! For you young ‘uns, the Boland Amendment was a weak compromise that made it a little harder to give money to the right-wing death squads to overthrow the democratically-elected leftist government in Nicaragua. This led to Reagan and his cronies finding other ways to fund them, which gave us the Iran/Contra scandal and  CRACK COCAINE. What the Boland Amendment was NOT was a communist conspiracy from the Soviet Union except maybe in the wet dreams of Dick Cheney. SO PLEASE SHOW SHUT UP ABOUT THE POLITICS BECAUSE YOU ARE MAKING MY HEAD EXPLODE.

If you’d like to catch my complete ‘cap of the episode or any of my fine writing about television, please head over to Happy Nice Time People.

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Just wanted to let you know that the NY Opera Exchange, a small company that showcases emerging singers and musicians, will be performing Donizetti’s Lucia Di Lammermoor this Friday, February 27 thru Sunday, March 1st. All tickets are only $25. The venue is a midtown church with excellent acoustics. For info and to purchase tickets, just click the above link.

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Marion on February 24th, 2015

Surely, a nice Jewish girl like me is not the only one to have caught the Catholicism refs scattered like Easter Eggs on last night’s show? It was like The Sting – if The Sting had been written by Jesuits. You can go over to Happy Nice Time People to read my recap and tell me if I’m just hallucinating.

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Marion on February 23rd, 2015

We’ve time-jumped two months from the unfortunate dinner with Dickie’s devil-spawn. Doesn’t look like he and Isobel will be tying the knot anytime soon, but Rose and Atticus are about to get hitched. That is, if a certain someone doesn’t stop the wedding.  Tune in at your local PBS station, or skip that part or relive the experience over at Happy Nice Time People the folks (like me) who bring you the bestest recaps on the net!

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